Maternity care and childbirth in Middle Georgia

Important information

COVID-19 and pregnancy - An update for our patients

We would like to take this opportunity to update you about your maternity care during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and assure you that our dedicated team of expert nurses, physicians and midwives are committed to providing safe and effective care to every patient who walks through our doors.

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Whether it's your first child or your third, you want a healthy baby and a safe delivery. At Coliseum Medical Centers, we provide expectant parents a family-centered childbirth experience with outstanding medical care. From prenatal visits to high-risk pregnancy management, we offer full-service maternity services for mothers-to-be and their families in Middle Georgia.

To learn more about our maternity services, call (478) 765-4615.

Features of our birthing center and maternity program

Providing personalized care during each trimester through labor and delivery and beyond is an important part of our women's health services. Our gynecologist/obstetricians (OB/GYNs) and highly trained maternity specialists are committed to ensuring you and your baby have the best experience possible.

Features of our birthing center and maternity program include:

  • 24-hour anesthesia coverage
  • Availability of certified nurse midwives
  • Bilirubin screening
  • Birth plan assistance
  • Lactation consultant on staff
  • Maternal fetal telemedicine for high-risk pregnancies
  • Neonatologist on-call 24 hours a day
  • Patient-focused support for postpartum depression
  • Prenatal classes and hospital tours
  • Private labor, delivery & recovery (LDR) suites
  • Private postpartum rooms
  • Universal hearing screen program

Preparing for delivery

If you're wondering about all you need to do to get ready for childbirth, our maternity experts provide a range of services to help you get started. One of the first steps you can take is to pre-register for delivery, saving you time when arriving at the hospital to deliver. Registration can be done online or by printing paperwork found online and returning it to our admitting office. If you have questions, call our admitting office at (478) 765-4118.

Pre-Register for Delivery

Prenatal care

Upon the early signs of pregnancy, we recommend you immediately choose an OB/GYN or certified nurse-midwife for your maternity care. If you need to find an experienced prenatal care provider, call our Consult-A-Nurse® program at (478) 746-4646.

If you choose to deliver at Coliseum Medical Centers, your physician will supply you with a packet of materials about our maternity center—if you do not receive a packet, please call (478) 765-4118.

Midwife services

Certified nurse midwives (CNMs) are advanced registered nurses who provide emotional and medical support throughout the pregnancy and childbirth process. Midwives often focus on a natural or low-intervention birthing experience but work alongside an OB/GYN to ensure a safe delivery.

Develop a birth plan

Figuring out your preferences for labor and delivery can make your birthing experience everything you want it to be. While not all deliveries go as planned, thinking ahead about who you want with you during labor, how you want to manage pain and your approach to feeding your newborn can help you feel ready before the big day.

Our birth plan generator is a valuable resource to educate you on what to consider and can be a guide to making the right choice for you and your family.

Music can also aid in making childbirth easier and less stressful. Whether you want soothing instrumentals or to rock out between contractions, our childbirth playlist feature will determine the right mix of songs for your delivery.

Childbirth education classes and hospital tours

Due to COVID-19, classes and tours are currently are on hold. Please call (478) 765-4615 for updates.

We want you and your family to be prepared and know what to expect before, during and after the baby arrives. We encourage all expectant families to tour the maternity unit before the birth of their baby. This will help you become familiar with our facilities so you’ll know exactly where to go and what to do when the magic moment arrives.

Prenatal classes

Taught by childbirth educators, our free prenatal classes are held at the hospital and will help guide you towards a healthy pregnancy. These classes address an expectant parent’s questions and concerns about pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Expectant mothers should register for classes at approximately 28-30 weeks of pregnancy.

  • Prepared childbirth classes: Covers all aspects of third trimester pregnancy, labor and delivery and the postpartum period. Educators discuss diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery, medications and medical interventions.
  • Breastfeeding: Taught by a certified lactation consultant, this class covers everything you need to know about breastfeeding to help you get off to a good start, including the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby, what to expect after delivery, pumping options and how to overcome any problems you might encounter. Since family support is important to breastfeeding success, dads are encouraged to attend along with grandmothers and friends.
  • Newborn care: Helps parents understand infant care, including the basics of diapering, bathing and handling as well as deciphering infant behavior. Parenting techniques are discussed in addition to infant temperaments and emotional responses.

Maternal-fetal telemedicine

If your pregnancy becomes what physicians call "high risk," whether due to your age, expecting multiples or a medical condition, getting specialized care is extremely important. Fortunately, our team at Coliseum Medical Centers can link you with the right physician, a perinatologist, via an electronic connection.

The service, called maternal-fetal telemedicine (MFT), uses technology to electronically exchange medical information and provide medical services. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to receive prenatal care close to home rather than being required to travel a distance. We provide communication between you and the specialist via secure, high-speed telecommunications. Parties see each other on a video monitor and can interact via a speaker.

An MFT consultation may include live ultrasound imaging performed by a certified ultrasonographer. The visit is also combined with the live video conference. You can see the ultrasound images and the provider as the consultation proceeds. This allows the specialist to point out what is being viewed and better understand what is happening with your baby.

To learn more about our maternal-fetal telemedicine program, call (800) 301-6254.

Time to meet baby!

Giving birth is a unique experience for every woman and our hospital strives to provide you exceptional care and a memorable experience. We offer these special amenities:

  • Free, convenient parking
  • Gourmet meal for mother and partner following the birth
  • Original lullaby broadcasted on our overhead sound system to announce your baby’s arrival
  • Web nursery to view online
  • Mom365 photography service

What to pack for your hospital stay

We recommend you pack several weeks prior to your baby’s due date. Leave your valuables, including jewelry, at home.

When you are in labor

If you think you are in labor or your water breaks or begins to leak, call your doctor. Once directed by your physician, come directly to maternity services at the maternity entrance. You will check in at the admissions office and be escorted to the labor and delivery unit.

If you have a planned Cesarean delivery, you will be scheduled by appointment with the pre-admission testing department prior to hospital admission. On the day of delivery, you will be admitted through our maternity admissions office.

Your partner or significant other (one person) may be present for your delivery. Your family and friends are invited to stay in our waiting room during this special time. For the privacy and safety of our patients, as well as current and seasonal restrictions, we limit the number of visitors. We recommend children wait until after your release and see the newest family member at home.

Neonatal care

There are times when infants require specialized attention. Our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides compassionate, advanced critical care for our smallest patients and their families through:

  • Neonatologist on-call 24 hours a day
  • Lactation consultants on staff to help with breast feeding
  • Specially trained nurses
  • Support services including cardiac care, radiology services, physical and speech therapy
  • Transport service available around-the-clock to pick up critical and ill babies from smaller area hospitals or transport them to higher-level care as needed

After your baby arrives

From cuddling to breastfeeding to choosing a pediatrician, we help you recover from childbirth and get to know your little one.

Bonding with your newborn

Those first few moments with your new baby will be precious. We will encourage you to hold your baby as soon as possible after delivery. As long as your baby does not need special medical care, you and your baby will recover in the same labor and delivery room. If you plan to breastfeed, this recovery time will allow you to do so.

After recovery, you will be transferred to a mother/baby room for postpartum care. You will stay in this room until your discharge date. Our spacious rooms have a telephone, television, storage cabinet, chairs and sleeper couch for your partner or overnight guest.

As part of our family-centered approach, we offer couplet care. A dedicated nurse cares for you and your baby in the same room, allowing more time to bond. Our staff helps you with any questions or concerns you have about your newborn's care.

Breastfeeding your baby

If you choose to breastfeed your baby, we work to help you have a rewarding experience. Although breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy—especially at first. First-time mothers may need help learning about breastfeeding techniques and cues from the baby. Our certified lactation specialist is available and eager to assist you.

Choosing your baby's doctor

Before delivery, you will need to choose a doctor for your child and let us know your decision. Many doctors require an office visit before the baby is born to discuss your medical history and care for your baby. Your doctor will examine the baby within a few hours of birth, discuss your baby’s care or circumcision if your newborn is a boy or schedule the next office visit.

Photos of your baby

We know capturing your childbirth experience and your baby’s first moments is important. We allow photography/videography for vaginal deliveries pending physician/midwife approval. No videotaping is allowed during cesarean sections. After your baby is born, Coliseum Medical Centers offers photography services through our partner, Mom365.

Safe and secure environment

You can be assured that our maternity center is safe for you and your baby. We have surveillance cameras throughout the unit, and guests must check-in before entering. We have invested in the latest technology to keep your infant secure.

We place a small, tamper-proof tag on your baby immediately after birth. Should an infant be carried toward an exit door, our security system will automatically set off an alarm, activate magnetic door locks and hold selected elevators.


Your family and friends are an essential part of your new baby’s life. We do ask families and visitors to follow hospital rules in regards to visitation. Visiting hours are posted throughout our birthing center and may include seasonal restrictions. This ensures that our staff can give you and your baby the best possible care.

Postpartum support

It's natural to feel a range of emotions after giving birth, and it's important to talk to a professional when experiencing feelings of depression or helplessness. We provide mental health consults, telemedicine visits or access to behavioral health specialists when new mothers have the "baby blues" or stronger feelings requiring intervention.

Taking your baby home

Being able to take your baby home is an exciting feeling. Before you leave the hospital, there are a few things to have in order, including:

  • Baby's birth certificate—Our staff will reach out and assist you in completing the birth certificate application. Parents also receive a packet of important information about their baby's birth certificate, Social Security number and where to apply for additional birth certificate copies.
  • Car seat—By law, all infants are required to ride in a backward-facing, federally approved car seat. We ask that the car seat be appropriately installed before arrival at the hospital. If you have concerns about the installation, Bibb County Health Department provides a safety check. Your baby's safety is our top priority; however, we cannot install your car seat.
  • Financial arrangements—Your stay includes fees for room charges, hospital fees and physician and professional services for you and your newborn. We will assist you as much as possible in making financial arrangements to cover delivery expenses.