Our patients have great success after choosing to have the lap-band weight-loss procedure.

Carole Radney’s Story

Carole Radney

In 2006, on her way home from work, Radney was in a head-on collision that almost left her unable to walk. Following several surgeries on her right ankle, it was clear she would not be able to return to career as a bedside nurse. No longer on her feet all day and not able to live the active lifestyle she had previously known, Radney found herself battling weight gain for the first time in her life.

When Coliseum Northside Hospital began providing lap-band surgery in 2012, Radney gave it serious consideration. After attending a seminar at Coliseum Northside, she was motivated to look into the lap-band surgical procedure, particularly since she learned it could be reversed, if necessary.

Following her morning surgery in April 2012, Radney was back home and walking her dogs that evening. Within two weeks, she had lost 30 pounds and has lost almost 90 pounds to date with the help of lap-band.

Senita King-Jones’ Story

Senita King-Jones

Coliseum Northside Hospital has been changing lives for the better, like Senita’s, with its experienced physicians, caring staff, and endless support at the Georgia Bariatric Center. The Lap-Band weight-loss procedure has been able to help Senita lose over 180 lbs and regain her health. She is once again doing the things she loves, shopping for new clothes, riding amusement park rides, and enjoying time with her family.