Coliseum Medical Centers is one of only a few hospitals that offer O-arm® Multidimensional Surgical Imaging System technology. Neurosurgeons are utilizing this revolutionary technology for spine surgery, including lumbar, cervical and thoracic procedures.

The O-arm® System creates detailed, two- and three dimensional images, which helps our physicians make better decisions during surgery. This can mean less time in the operating room, and make all the difference in our patients’ surgical experience. Intraoperative imaging, coupled with navigation, enables your surgeon to provide you with the best possible care. The key to this technology is the delivery of critical information during each phase of your surgical experience – potentially reducing the need for repeat surgery. Using intraoperative scans and a technology similar to GPS, the StealthStation® S7® Treatment Guidance System allows your surgeon to visualize your anatomy in 3-D during surgery and see the exact placement of surgical instrumentation throughout the procedure.

Surgery with the O-arm® Imaging System and navigation technology may enable your surgeon to:

  • Precisely navigate through the delicate anatomy at exactly the right angle and avoid critical structures like the spinal cord.
  • Perform a more minimally invasive procedure (fewer and smaller incisions).
  • Preserve healthy tissue during surgery.
  • Minimize complication, pain, recovery time, and the need for repeat surgeries.