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Offered at Coliseum Northside Hospital, Joint Class is designed to help patients have successful joint replacement surgery and recovery by providing them the knowledge and tools to make the transition from hospital to recovery a smoother process. You will have the opportunity to learn from and interact with a variety of skilled, enthusiastic health care professionals who are committed to supporting the surgical excellence at Coliseum Northside Hospital. Classes are held weekly and patients participate in the class prior to surgery with other pre-surgery patients. Each patient is encouraged to choose a rehabilitative "coach." This person can be a family member or friend, who will attend the pre-surgery education sessions with the patient and help the patient through rehabilitation.

Patients will learn about their surgery, what to bring to the hospital, what will occur in the operating room, what they will experience each day and how their pain will be controlled. They will learn what they can do to ensure a successful recover. A home strengthening program is given to each patient to prepare them for surgery. These exercises condition the arms and legs, and are designed to build up muscle groups that help with mobility, temporary use of a walker or crutches, standing up and getting out of bed. Patients are then admitted for surgery and group rehabilitation begins immediately, sometimes the day of surgery.

All patients scheduled for Arthroplasty (hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery) joint replacement surgery are strongly encouraged to attend this one hour session. For more information and reservations, call (478) 746-4646 or register online.