At Coliseum Northside Hospital, we look closer in order to offer the best and most efficient healthcare possible. Through image technology and medical training, our physicians and staff can see beyond the surface, and our focus is on you.

That’s why we are proud to have one of the best endoscopy programs in middle Georgia. Our experienced nurses and technicians assist certified physicians in performing gastrointestinal pulmonary, urological, and surgical endoscopy procedures designed to give doctors a clear view of your systems with minimal invasion. And in order to best suit your needs, our endoscopy program offers both inpatient and outpatient services.

The Bravo pH Monitoring System

The Bravo ph Monitoring system, is revolutionizing the way pH testing is done. It provides the advanced, yet simple-to-use tool physicians need for accurately diagnosing GERD. Bravo allows patients to maintain their regular diet and activities during Ph testing. And because it is catheter-free, the added convenience for patients allows more information representative for physicians. The pH system is easy to place during endoscopy, and minimizes throat and nasal discomfort associated with transnasal catheters.