Do you know your EF IQ?

EF stands for ejection fraction, which is the fraction of blood pumped with each beat. Get smart about the number found close to your heart.

What is EF?

A fraction of your blood pumped out of your heart with each beat.

What does it mean?

It’s a measure of how well your heart is pumping.

Who should know about EF?

Patients with a current or previous heart condition.

Who should have their EF measured?

Consult a doctor.

EF Heart Assessment

This survey is designed to point you in the right direction of heart health care. Select the answer that best describes you.

  1. (A.) I am overweight.
    (B.) I am average weight.

  2. (A.) I drink a lot of alcohol.
    (B.) I drink little or no alcohol.

  3. (A.) I do smoke.
    (B.) I do not smoke.

  4. (A.) I have high blood pressure.
    (B.) I have normal blood pressure.

  5. (A.) My cholesterol is high.
    (B.) My cholesterol is normal.

  6. (A.) I do not exercise regularly.
    (B.) I do exercise regularly.

  7. (A.) I eat a lot of salt.
    (B.) I eat a little bit of salt.
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