Substance Abuse treatment includes medical detox from physically addictive drugs and/or alcohol, as well as chemical dependence programming and transitional/rehabilitation services. Our mental health experts believe there is a correlation between deep seeded mental issues and substance abuse like alcoholism. Our psychiatric team treats not only the symptoms of condition, but the underlying causes for the destructive behavior.

When you choose our program, you can be assured you or your loved one is getting some of the most comprehensive substance abuse treatment in the Macon area.

If you or your loved ones have found your life becoming unmanageable due to substance use, just call (478) 741-1355 and ask for an assessment. A trained medical professional can schedule and provide a free, confidential assessment.

What Is An Intensive Outpatient Program?

Our intensive outpatient program provides education and drug treatment services for patients with a history of substance abuse to help prevent relapse of chemical dependency. The program is designed to give each patient personalized treatment while bridging the gap between partial hospitalization and 12-step recovery maintenance outside of a hospital setting.

For your convenience, the Intensive Outpatient Program is covered under most insurance plans.

Do I have A Substance Abuse Problem?

You may need psychiatric help if:

  • Struggle to stop after one drink
  • Get drunk when you don’t mean to
  • Envy people who can drink without getting into trouble
  • Resent people who try to limit your drinking
  • Have trouble remembering the night before
  • See drinking/using drugs as a source of arguments
  • Have loved ones concerned about your drinking
  • Drink alone
  • Use alcohol/drugs to get to sleep
  • Have health problems related to drinking
  • Drive a car after drinking/using drugs
  • Ever attempt cutting down or controlling your drug/alcohol use

What Services Are Provided?

Our treatment includes a psychiatric assessment; medical assessment when indicated; medication management; patient and family education and support around behaviors and diagnoses; three hours of education and interactive group therapy per treatment day and ongoing treatment and discharge planning. The patient is required to attend 12 step meetings a minimum of three nights each week.

What Are The Hours of The Program?

Intensive outpatient day program: Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 7:30am – 11:45am.

Patients have hospital-recognized holidays off.

Who Is The Treatment Team?

  • Medical Director:Cesar Figueroa, MD
  • Program Coordinator:Emily Newberry, LPC
  • Masters Therapists:Dan Mills, LMSW, Don Tillman, LCSW
  • Nursing Services:Lyn Kitz, RN
  • Attending Psychiatrists:Dr. Ali Ahmadi, Dr. Dwight Bearden, Dr. James Branam, Jr., Dr. Angela Brown, Dr. Cesar Figueroa, Dr. Stephen Mallary, Dr. Patrice Webster