Prenatal Classes

Coliseum Medical Centers offers free prenatal classes to address an expectant parent’s questions and concerns about pregnancy and delivery. These classes are taught by certified childbirth educators and are conveniently held at the hospital. Classes fill quickly; please request a registration packet early in your pregnancy. Mothers should register for classes at approximately 28-30 weeks of pregnancy.

Request a prenatal class packet by calling (478) 765-4502 or under the Community Calendar’s Prenatal Classes link. You may register for classes by phone, fax or email. There is no charge for any of the prenatal classes.

Register for a Prenatal Class

Prepared Childbirth Classes

These classes cover all aspects of third trimester pregnancy, labor and delivery and the postpartum period. Educators discuss diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery, medications, medical interventions, etc… A tour of the Family Ties Birthing Center is included. Patients will attend a 2½ hour class on a Saturday morning.

 Register for a Childbirth Class

Touring The Hospital

We encourage all expectant families to tour the maternity unit before the birth of their baby. This will help you become familiar with our facilities so you’ll know exactly where to go and what to do.