Call our 24-hour help line for information, assessment, referral and crisis intervention at no cost at (478) 741-1355 OR (800) 548-4221

You may contact us directly to see if you qualify and would benefit from the STAR program. We also accept referrals from military physicians and commanding officers.


Visiting Hours

2:30pm - 4:30pm

We understand the needs of family members of individuals who have served or who are currently serving in the military are unique. As a result, we address their mental health issues in our regular inpatient unit and through outpatient services with our specially trained staff.

In addition to treating the service member, a STAR Program staff member will be available to contact families after admission and weekly correspondence may take place to answer questions, provide support and serve as a resource during their loved one's stay. When clinically appropriate, a minimum of one face-to-face meeting with family members during the patient's stay may be recommended (or communication by phone if/when necessary).

Chain of Command

Commanders, first sergeants, and first line supervisors are welcome to visit service members or address administrative issues at any time.

What to Bring

  • Several days of clothes that are appropriate and modest (no strap shirts, miniskirts, sagging pants, suspenders).
  • Several changes of clothes suitable for physical training (t-shirts, shorts, sweat pants/shirts) - you will be active in this program and we will accommodate physical limitations in fitness and activity through the use of adaptive techniques.
  • Slippers and PT or running shoes
  • Prescription medication
  • Journal or reading materials (no staples or spirals)

What to Leave

  • Large electronic devices (radios, laptops, etc.)
  • Weapons (includes knives)
  • Food or liquids of any kind
  • Sexually explicit material
  • Belts, scarves, or bandanas
  • Canes unless medically necessary
  • Jewelry (wedding bands are acceptable)
  • Sharp or pointed nail files

Things to note:

  • Tobacco products may not be consumed on the hospital grounds. This includes cigarettes, smokeless tobacco (nicotine patches and gum are available by physician order). Vaping is also prohibited on hospital grounds even if the liquid is nicotine-free.
  • Mobile phones and handheld devices are not prohibited, but access will be restricted. Land line telephones will be available when mobile devices are not.