Why Choose Macon, GA?

Image provided by Visit Macon.

Macon, GA has a rich history, incredible architecture, stunning Southern charm, and a soulful musical heritage have branded Macon "Where Soul Lives". Only in Macon can you: hike at ancient Indian mounds and enter into North America's only reconstructed earth lodge, tour the 18,000 square foot, 7-story Italian Renaissance Revival mansion known as the "Palace of The South", immerse yourself in musical history by taking a "Free Birds & Night Owls" or "Rock n’ Roll Stroll" tour, or explore the Southeast's largest collection of African-American art, history, and culture. It's more than a place on a map. It's a vibe all its own.

Unlike its neighbors to the South, Macon, GA, is located along the Fall line giving the city a varied landscape of rivers and plethora of rolling hills. Macon also lies near the geographical center of Georgia contributing to the city's alias as the Heart of Georgia. Macon, GA is cut by the Ocmulgee River that once lead to the city’s industrial boom. The city encompasses more than 53 square miles and is conveniently located only 83 miles from the bustle of Atlanta.

Image provided by Visit Macon.

Home to five colleges and universities, Macon has a very active sports community. With sports programs such as Mercer football and basketball, as well as athletic teams at Wesleyan College and Middle Georgia State University, the list of sporting events in Macon is never ending. We also have luscious golf courses and state of the art tennis courts for tournaments. Not to mention, minor-league hockey has returned to Macon with the Macon Mayhem!

Some people say there's something in the water in Macon that ignites the creative spark in people. Walk or bike at the Amerson River Park on the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail. You can even kayak it if you’re feeling adventurous. We also have Lake Tobesofkee where you can play in the sand, boat, or picnic.