Coliseum Health System - January 02, 2018

After years of trying - really trying - different approaches to losing weight, it can be frustrating to go through the same old diet and exercise routines without seeing any significant difference. Sometimes losing excess body weight and keeping it off requires more than simply changing habits. To help, the Georgia Bariatric Center at Coliseum Northside Hospital offers minimally invasive LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System and our patients are seeing amazing results!

Did you know that LAP-BAND® is the only adjustable and reversible surgical weight-loss option available? Additionally, it is also the safest and most affordable surgical option for weight-loss, especially when in the hands of Georgia's most experienced LAP-BAND® physicians at the Georgia Bariatric Center at Coliseum Northside Hospital.

Weight loss can not only improve your quality of life, but also prevent or lower your risk of developing life-threatening diseases. If your BMI is 35+, the threshold for obesity, and you have one or more serious health conditions, you may want to consider this effective weight loss solution. Best of all, losing weight can lower your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, arthralgia, back, and joint pain. If you have these or other health conditions, losing excess weight may improve or even resolve these conditions.

Learn more about LAP-BAND and hear how it worked for one of our patients!