Coliseum Health System - January 23, 2018

What if you could give family and friends a source for better health, more fun, and an easier lifestyle for just $20? When you enroll in Coliseum's H2U (Health to You) program, you receive these great benefits that last all year long. H2U is a group for adults over the age of 50. We have almost 700 members throughout middle Georgia. There are several reasons why our members join H2U.


Most importantly, the best thing that H2U has to offer is friendship and comradery. At our age, it’s so important to stay connected to one another. We need to laugh together. We need to go on trips together. We need to keep learning new things to keep our minds sharp. H2U is a great way to stay young at heart!

Gym membership

You also receive a fantastic deal on a Mathews Wellness Center membership at Wesleyan College. Here, you’ll have access to their gym as well as water aerobics, yoga, and other classes.


Another popular offering of H2U is the opportunity to go on our day trips! Each month, we load up a bus and go to exciting places like Braves games, the North Georgia Mountains, the Fox Theater, Savannah, and so much more! This is a great chance for our members to go places they wouldn’t normally go alone. Many of members don’t feel comfortable driving themselves to places like Atlanta and so our day trips are so appreciated.

Health information

Each month, you’ll be mailed a monthly newsletter, complete with a list of all of the available events offered at the hospital. This newsletter will keep you updated with the classes and support groups that are offered at Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital. Each quarter, you’ll receive the H2U magazine which is full of health related articles.

Monthly meetings

Our monthly meetings are a big hit with the H2U members. Each month, you will enjoy a complimentary breakfast and listen to a guest speaker. Sometimes, you’ll hear from Coliseum physicians, nurses, therapists or other health professionals about a current health topic. Often, we’ll bring in an outside speaker, comedian, or entertainer.

Bingo and Bridge

H2U offers free Bingo games once a month where you can win fun prizes and bragging rights! We also have a group that meets for bridge twice a week.

Special Occasions

Once a year, we also have special hamburger and hotdog picnic, complete with entertainment. We also have an annual Thanksgiving dinner, where members bring a Christmas gift to give to the Kids Yule Love charity.


As a member of H2U you will receive local and national discounts. Nationally, you’ll receive discounts on prescriptions, car rentals, hotel reservations, ADT services, and more! Locally, you’ll receive a discount in the cafeteria of Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself as a patient in one of our hospitals, we will provide one hospital cafeteria meal ticket for one caregiver per day.

All that for just $20 – you really can’t beat it! It’s so easy to join! Call Coliseum Health System’s H2U office at (478) 765-4116 today!

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