Coliseum Health System
June 22, 2015

Macon, GA - The Coliseum Robotic Institute at Coliseum Medical Centers hit a historic milestone today by completing the 2,000th operation using the daVinci® Robotic System.

Coliseum Medical Centers began performing robotic surgery in May of 2009 and was the first hospital in Macon to perform gynecological surgery, oncological surgery, and colorectal surgery using this device. Additionally, the Coliseum Robotic Institute was the first to use the Firefly Fluorescence Imaging technology on colon surgery, to identify gall stones, and to identify pelvic lymph nodes.

As predicted ten years ago, the daVinci Robotic system has revolutionized surgery. “Through a minimally invasive approach and greater precision, our surgeons are able to provide patients with less pain and a quicker recovery,” said Paul Roddenberry, MD, GYN Robotic Surgeon and Chair of the Coliseum Health System Board of Trustees.

“We are proud to be Macon's leading provider of robotic surgery” said Lance Jones, CEO of Coliseum Medical Centers. “We have the top surgeons and robotically trained OR staff who are experts in their fields at Coliseum Medical Centers. They provide patients with advanced clinical care right here in Macon.”

Robotic surgery is performed through a few small incisions by the surgeon who is seated at an ergonomically designed console. The view of the surgical field is transmitted in 3D HD vision through a camera that is inserted into one of the tiny incisions. The 3D HD view gives surgeons a picture of the field that they otherwise would not have if they were performing traditional surgery. The robot also features instruments designed with seven degrees of motion - a range of motion greater than the human wrist. The enhanced view of the field coupled with the dexterous, delicate instruments allow for a shorter recovery time, less tissue damage, less post-operative pain and less risk of infection.

The robotic surgical system is utilized in general surgery, colorectal surgery, benign gynecological surgery, gynecological oncology, urology and surgical oncology with virtually scarless single-site hysterectomy and gallbladder removal results. Coliseum Medical Centers is the only facility in middle Georgia that offers numerous specialty robotic surgeries with the latest technology. (Firefly)

The following physicians perform robotic surgery at Coliseum Medical Centers: Dr. Frank Arnold, Dr. Douglas Brewer, Dr. Arnold Conforti, Dr. Stephen Durkee, Dr. J. Craig Hall, Dr. Felisha Kitchen, Dr. Thomas Leigh, Dr. A Keith Martin, Dr. Kathleen Mont-Louis, Dr. Earl Mullis, Dr. R. Paul Roddenberry, Dr. Eric Roddenberry, Dr. Bolanle Sogade, Dr. Winston Wilfong, Dr. Jessica Williams, Dr. John Williams, and Dr. Thomas Woodyard.