Coliseum Health System
August 20, 2019

Macon, Georgia – Coliseum Medical Centers will offer a free seminar for women called “Ask the GYN” on Tuesday, August 27 at 6:00 pm.  The seminar will feature obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Christina Cox and will be held at Taste & See Coffee Shop located at 546 Poplar Street in Macon.

When it comes to our health, women sometimes wonder, “Is this normal?” or “Should I talk to my doctor about this?” This is especially true when it comes to sexual health. Women attending the seminar will be encouraged to write down their questions they may have.  Dr. Cox will discuss the answers to the questions and how common women’s health issues can affect overall health.

Dr. Cox said, “Women are good at taking care of everyone else, but themselves.  We too often put ourselves last and sometimes that can negatively affect our health.  At this seminar, women will be able to ask questions they’ve been wondering and they can even ask them anonymously if they choose.”

To register for this seminar, call (478) 746-4646 or visit the Classes & Events section.