Coliseum Health System
September 15, 2014

Macon, GA – Now expertly trained surgeons at the Coliseum Robotics Institute located at Coliseum Medical Centers will have the capabilities of repairing ventral hernias using robotically-assisted surgery. The first robot-assisted Ventral Hernia Repair (VHR) was completed successfully at the Coliseum Robotics Institute on Thursday, September 11th.

In the past, Ventral Hernia Repair — the second most common type of abdominal wall hernia repair — has been done laprascopically, which can have some limitations. In offering the Ventral Hernia Repair robotically, surgeons are able to complete the procedure in less time than the laprascopic method with additional benefits that the da Vinci Robot provides.

The da Vinci robot offers more precise and ergonomic capabilities using magnified 3D HD vision and is articulated robotic arms controlled completely by the surgeon. The results of a robotically-assisted Ventral Hernia Repair for the patient include minimal blood loss, minimal post-operative pain, and a faster recovery period, allowing the patient to quickly return to a pain-free lifestyle.