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Coliseum Medical Centers
Coliseum Northside Hospital

Spine Care

Living with back and neck pain can make every day a struggle. Luckily, many of the issues are treatable. At Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital, our back and neck specialists offer some the most innovative procedures available today. From thorough diagnosis to comprehensive treatments and therapies for age-related spinal conditions or critical injuries, we can help put you on the road to recovery from pain and help increase your mobility.

We treat a comprehensive range of back and neck conditions. From degenerative disc disease to arthritis to herniated discs to back or neck fractures, our specialists are here to help diagnose your issue and provide treatments that reduce your pain as quickly as possible. Some of the issues we treat include disc problems, Spinal stenosis, Adult scoliosis, Sciatica, Fractures and dislocations, Tumors, Osteoporosis, Spondylolisthesis, Spondylolysis, Lumbar Degenerative Disc and Joint Disease, Spine infections and Spine disorders.
When your back or neck is in pain or you’ve experienced an injury, you want expert diagnostic opinions quickly. Our hospitals offer the latest technology and compassionate care. Our team of back and neck specialists provides a wide range of testing options that can help to evaluate and diagnose your condition as quickly as possible, including bone scans, X-rays, MRI scan, computerized Tomography, DEXA scan, and others.
If pain in your back or neck makes it hard for you to complete daily activities, it may be time to consider treatment, or in some cases, spinal surgery. From non-surgical treatments to minimally invasive surgery to complex surgeries that are more extensive, we offer focused, innovative treatments that can reduce your back or neck pain and improve your quality of life. Your medical condition may range from a herniated disc to a neck or spine fracture; we offer surgery for all spinal disorders, disc degeneration and spinal stenosis.

Our Technology

Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital provide cutting edge surgical technology. Many of the procedures performed are minimally invasive, which may result in faster recovery times, shorter incisions, smaller scars and less pain. Some of the state-of-the-art technology we use includes:

Spine Team

Our team is comprised of the area’s most respected doctors and medical staff, who specialize in all types of spine surgery. The spine surgeons’ spectrum includes diseases of the neck and goes all the way down to the toes. Our surgeons are highly talented and trained specialists that utilize the most advances diagnostic and treatment techniques to improve the quality of life of patients.

Our physicians are joined by a professional team of specially trained nurses, physical therapists, case managers and dietitians to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treating patients.

Consult-A-Nurse is our free 24-hour, RN-staffed information line. If you need to find a physician, have health questions or would like to register for an event, call Consult-A-Nurse®.

Awards & Recognition

Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital have been designated as a Blue Distinction Center for Spine Surgery from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia. Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery have demonstrated their commitment to quality care, resulting in better overall outcomes for spine surgery patients. Blue Distinction Centers for Spine Surgery provide comprehensive inpatient spine surgery services, including discectomy, fusion and decompression procedures.

Additionally, Coliseum Northside Hospital has Joint Commission certification in spinal fusion. Healthgrades has awarded Coliseum Northside Hospital a 5-Star Rating in Spinal Fusion Surgery.


The Joint Commission - National Quality Approval
Spinal Fusion Healthgrade

Physical Rehab

Coliseum Health System offers rehabilitation services at Coliseum Medical Centers and Coliseum Northside Hospital. Inpatient and outpatient services are available at Coliseum Medical Centers; outpatient rehab is offered at Coliseum Northside Hospital. Under the direction of the attending physician, nurses work closely with physical and occupational therapy staff. Physical therapy may be prescribed as often as twice a day, including weekends, accelerating a patient’s recovery. Schedules are closely monitored and patients are appropriately prepared with a medication to help them receive optimum value from their therapy. A full range of professional therapy programs are also available including speech and language therapy.