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Orthopaedic Procedures

Total Hip, Knee & Shoulder Replacement

When a knee or hip joint wears out an orthopedic surgeon needs to surgically put a prosthetic hip, knee, or shoulder implant in the bone.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Called the Direct Anterior or “front’ approach, this new technique involves making an incision on the front of the hip rather than the side or back as traditionally done.  As a result, the surgeon can follow the natural spaces between the hip joint’s muscles and tendons, resulting in less damage to these soft tissues. Learn more about this procedure...

Arthroscopic Surgery

A surgeon can make small incisions around a joint and surgically fix joint problems. This includes knees, hips, shoulders, wrists etc.

Hand and Wrist Surgery

Usually this stems from fractures or arthritis. We have Occupational Therapist that specialize in hand/wrist rehabilitation.

Spine/Back Surgery

The spine is complex and multiple surgical procedures can be performed at our OR. Your medical condition may range from a herniated disc to a neck or spine fracture.

Sports Medicine

These surgical procedures are designed to get athletes back in the field as soon as possible. Multiple tendons and ligaments can be injured due to the repetition that is required in the field of sports.