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Steve Bell - da Vinci® Prostatectomy

Prostate cancer runs in Steve’s family. So, for that reason and others, he’s had a regular annual checkup since the age of thirty-five. Still he was a little shocked when doctors told him at age forty-two that they needed to perform a biopsy of his prostate.

As luck would have it, the day the lab results came back he was canoeing and had dropped his phone in the water. He was unaware that the physician had requested that he and his wife come together. The news was not good. Over half the samples showed cancer. He would need a prostatectomy.

After having his wife come in to hear the news firsthand, he scheduled an appointment with Dr. Lewis, a urologist at Coliseum Medical Centers. “I was born in Coliseum and am very comfortable there. I knew that was where I would have the surgery performed,” he states.

Dr. Lewis reviewed the surgical options in detail and he, along with his wife, decided robotic surgery was the best choice. “Robotic surgery is so much less invasive. Instead of having a large three-to-six inch scar, which the traditional surgery leaves, robotic surgery requires only five small incisions.”

The day of the surgery, Steve was relaxed and ready. “From the time I left the room till I reached the holding area, I felt at ease with the surgical team. They walked me through every detail and even pointed but the robot in the corner,” recalls Steve.

The surgery a success, Steve was released the following day and was up and walking around a day or two later. In a week’s time, he was walking a mile and half. “Within a couple of weeks, I was pretty much back to normal,” he states.

“As expected, Coliseum Medical Centers did a wonderful job.”

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