Coliseum Northside Hospital

24-Hour Emergency Room

You may not be prepared for your emergency, but we are. Coliseum Health System is equipped to meet your emergency care needs. Coliseum Northside operates a full-service Emergency Room, open 24 hours and staffed by physicians seven days a week. Click here for more information. 

Coliseum Northside Hospital Emergency Room
400 Charter Blvd.
Macon, GA 31208
If you are having an emergency, dial 911.

Orthopaedic and Spine Institute

Northside Orthopaedic Center is dedicated to providing the best musculoskeletal services in the Middle Georgia area. The program focuses on developing and expanding the rehabilitation, sports medicine, spine and orthopedic services in both hospitals.

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Georgia Bariatric Center

The Georgia Bariatric Center at Coliseum Northside Hospital offers the latest treatment in weight-loss surgery: minimally invasive LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System. Weight loss can not only improve your quality of life, but also prevent or lower your risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

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Endoscopy Center

The Coliseum Northside Endoscopy Center is an attractive, separate services area with today's most sophisticated equipment and technology for endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and gastro procedures. The skilled caregivers want to make sure your experience is comfortable.

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Outpatient Center

Our outpatient surgery center was designed with convenience in mind. The Coliseum Northside outpatient center provides the latest equipment and medical care for outpatient procedures. From convenient parking to comfortable waiting rooms for your family to a newly renovated Outpatient Surgery Center, we deliver quality care for your busy lifestyle.

Radiology Services

Coliseum Northside Hospital retains a highly skilled staff of Board-Certified, Fellowship trained vascular and interventional radiologists as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic imaging technology.

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Rehabilitation Services

Coliseum Northside Rehabilitation Center helps patients overcome functional limitations brought on by injury or illness. This is accomplished through both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. We offer our patients complete diagnostic and follow-up with the most modern treatment techniques available.

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Advanced Wound Care Center

For people with chronic non-healing wounds, they may have lost hope of having a normal life. Our staff is a unique team of experiences doctors, nurses, and therapists whose combined knowledge creates a multidisciplinary approach to would management. We are dedicated to caring for people with wounds that have resisted traditional means of healing and getting them the treatment needed to get back to life.

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Support Groups