Chemical Dependency

Substance Abuse treatment includes medical detox from physically addictive drugs and/or alcohol, as well as chemical dependence programming and transitional/rehabilitation services.

These services may apply if you:

  • Struggle to stop after one drink
  • Get drunk when you don't mean to
  • Envy people who can drink without getting into trouble
  • Resent people who try to limit your drinking
  • Have trouble remembering the night before
  • See drinking/using drugs as a source of arguments
  • Have loved ones concerned about your drinking
  • Drink alone
  • Use alcohol/drugs to get to sleep
  • Have health problems related to drinking
  • Drive a car after drinking/using drugs
  • Ever attempt cutting down or controlling your drug/alcohol use

These programs include 12-step meetings, relapse prevention and addiction education. Our philosophy is that addiction accompanies many other emotional issues, and the disease of addiction must be addressed first before progess can be made in other areas.

For immediate assistance, assessments or referral, call Lifeline, the 24 Hour Crisis Help Line, at (478) 751-0555 or afterhours at:
(800) 548-4221

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