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Online Pre-Registration Offered to Patients

August 24, 2011

Coliseum Health System offers Online Pre-Registration to its Patients

Macon, GA — Patients are now able to pre-register online through the Coliseum Health System website (www.coliseumhealthsystem.com) for their upcoming procedures. This specifically includes patients who already have a procedure scheduled, expectant women needing to pre-register for their baby’s delivery, and anyone requesting a screening Mammogram appointment.

Today’s consumers have come to assume quick and easy, personalized business encounters—from online banking to booking airline tickets. With Online Pre-Registration, we are providing healthcare options to our patients with the level of service and choice they expect. By improving the pre-registration process in this way, our patients have increased control of their healthcare experience and greater flexibility in the pre-registration process.

Who can Pre-Register?

  • Patients with a procedure already scheduled who wish to pre-register online
  • OB Patients who would like to pre-register for labor and delivery
  • Patients who need to request a screening Mammography appointment

To pre-register online, patients go to our website and select Online Pre-Registration. More information for our patients can be found on our website, www.coliseumhealthsystem.com .