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Coliseum Medical Centers Now Offers Intra-Operative O-Arm Imaging System

November 11, 2010

CMC is the ONLY facility in Middle Georgia to offer O-arm™  Imaging System for spinal surgery.

Macon, Georgia – Coliseum Medical Centers has recently started using the O-arm TM  Imaging System, a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform that is optimized for use in spine, orthopedic, and trauma-related surgeries. The O-arm TM Imaging System provides complete multi-dimensional, intra-operative surgical imaging. It provides surgeons with high quality, real-time, 3-D images, as well as multi-plane, 2-D and fluoroscopic imaging. Using these images, physicians are able to view the patient anatomy in the operative position, monitor the status of the surgery, and verify the surgical changes with a 3D volumetric image prior to the patient leaving the surgical suite.

As a result, patients undergoing applicable procedures may experience less invasive surgeries, faster recovery times, and improved outcomes.  Surgeons have found this surgical platform to aid them while operating as they receive feedback of high-quality images of what they are doing thus reducing human errors and inaccuracies while operating.

This technology benefits a patient in need of spine surgery by ensuring accuracy decreasing surgical risk and improving outcomes. The O-arm TM  Imaging System enables minimally invasive techniques resulting in decreased incision sizes, decreased blood loss during the procedure, quicker recovery time and a more rapid return to good health. Another benefit of the O-arm TM is reduced radiation exposure for the physicians, staff and patients when compared to the c-arm or CT. This technology allows for better, safer surgery for the patient and in some cases, now minimal invasive back surgery which would have otherwise been risky and dangerous, complex surgery.  

Coliseum Medical Centers is proud to always pioneer the latest advancements in science. We are also honored to have Dr. Kevin Stevenson, who has recently moved to Macon and joined Dr. George Stefanis in practice, leading the way with this new technology. Dr. Stevenson began using the O-arm TM Imaging System from its inception and was one of the first physicians in Georgia to operate using this advancement in medical technology.

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