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New Sleep Disorders Center Announced

February 25, 2010

Coliseum Northside Hospital announces their affiliation with Advanced Sleep Technologies and the opening of their Sleep Disorders Center for the diagnosis and treatment of potentially serious sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, excessive snoring, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder. 

Recognizing and treating some sleep disorders in the early stages may prevent more serious cardiovascular and neurological problems. Left untreated, some serious conditions may be life threatening.

Those with sleep apnea will usually exhibit the following symptoms: loud snoring, gasping or choking awakenings, excessive daytime sleepiness, restless sleep, non-refreshing sleep, poor memory, irritability, morning headaches, and confusion.

For patients who suspect they may have a sleep disorder, they should bring it to the attention of their family physician. During the sleep consultation, the physician will obtain a general medical history and sleep history, plus conduct a physical examination.  He will then determine if an overnight sleep study and additional tests are needed to conclusively diagnose the problem.  If a sleep study is needed, he will schedule the study, interpret the results, and begin the patient on an appropriate treatment plan. 

“The overnight sleep studies are conducted by highly trained sleep technologists while patients enjoy the comfort of private sleep rooms, “said Susan Downing, Cardiopulmonary Director at Coliseum Northside Hospital. “The technologist greets the patient when they arrive in the evening, educates them on what will occur, and begins their set-up and monitoring.

Set up involves the placement of various electrodes on the surface of the patient’s scalp, face, chest, and lower leg to monitor brain waves, eye movements, respiration, heart rate and muscle activity.  There are no injections, drugs, or x-rays associated with this procedure -- and no pain associated with the placing or wearing of electrodes.  A second night at the center may be required for patients diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Treatments can range from airway pressure appliances, medication, lifestyle changes, weight loss, ENT surgery and laser therapy, dental appliances, light therapy, and internal body clock adjustments.  The treatment or treatments recommended depend upon the type of sleep disorder diagnosed.

Sleep Study appointments can be made by calling (706) 863-7710.

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