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Coliseum Medical Centers
Coliseum Northside Hospital

CHS Executive Team

Coliseum’s executive team possesses years of experience in healthcare leadership. Coliseum delivers quality services through the direction and effort of this strong team of professionals.

Lance Jones

Lance Jones, PT, MHA, FACHE
Chief Executive Officer
Coliseum Medical Centers

Steve Daugherty

Steve Daugherty
Chief Executive Officer
Coliseum Northside Hospital

Todd Lang

Todd Lang, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Heath King

Heath King
Chief Financial Officer
Coliseum Health System

Todd Dixon

Todd Dixon
Chief Operating Officer
Coliseum Medical Centers

Pat D' Errico, RN, MPA, FACHE

Pat D’ Errico, RN, MPA, FACHE
Chief Nursing Officer

Bridget Denzik

Bridget Denzik, MSN, RN
Chief Nursing Officer
Coliseum Medical Centers

Amy Cason

Amy Cason, RN, MSN, MBA
Assistant Chief Nursing Officer

Robin Parker

Robin Parker
Vice President Of Marketing
Coliseum Health System

Louise Truitt

Louise Truitt
Vice-President of Human Resources

Coliseum Health System Board of Trustees 2015

Coliseum Health System Board of Trustees 2016

Steve Daugherty, CNH CEO, Ex-Officio

Davey Deal, MD, CMC President of Med Staff, Ex-Officio

Grady Carter, MD, Medical Staff Member

Rebecca Corvey, Community Member

Janine Ellis, MD, CNH President of Med Staff, Ex-Officio (Not Pictured)

Grant Greenwood, Community Member

Daniel Haithcock, Medical Staff Member

Lance Jones, CMC CEO, Ex-Officio

Wayne Kelley, MD, Chairman of the Board

Deborah MacMillan, Community Member

Hugh Tappan, LLC President, Ex-Officio (Not Pictured)

Laurie Tharpe, Medical Staff Member

Susan Welsh, Community Member

Coliseum Medical Centers Medical Executive Committee 2015

Coliseum Medical Centers Medical Executive Committee 2016

Davey Deal, MD Chief of Staff

T. Brian Leigh, MD Immediate Past Chief of Staff

Evelyn Bickley, MD Secretary

Cesar Figueroa, MD Chief of Staff Elect

Don Heacock, MD Chief of Medicine Division

Keith Martin, MD Chief of Surgery Division

J. Craig Hall, MD Chief of OB/GYN Division

Mitch Rodriguez, MD Chief of Neonatology/Pediatrics Division

Grady Walker Carter, MD Chief of Psychiatry Division

Todd Lang, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Nicole Jasper, MD Chief of Emergency Medicine

Manojna Sanjeev, MD Chief of Anesthesiology (Not Pictured)

Thomas Oliver, MD Chief of Radiology

R. Andrew Bradley, MD Chief of Pathology

Charles Snow, MD Chair, Credentials Committee (Not Pictured)

Coliseum Northside Hospital Medical Executive Committee 2015

Coliseum Northside Hospital Medical Executive Committee 2016

Janine Ellis, MD, President of Medical Staff (Not Pictured)

John Rogers, MD, Immediate Past President

Wood Pope, MD, President Elect (Not Pictured)

J. Allen Stevick, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Allen Garrison, MD, Chief of Medicine Department

Samuel Robinson, MD, Chief of Surgery Department

R. Andy Bradley, MD, Chief of Pathology

Todd Lang, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Ralph Griffin, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine

Thomas Oliver, MD, Chief of Radiology

Pravin Jain, MD, Chief of Anesthesiology